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a young monk carrying lit incense out of the shrine, a cloud of incense, bodhisattva day, tharlam monastery of tibetan buddhism, kathmandu, nepal color palette

#664F56 #5F1E24 #B93F22 #B9B7B5 #92897D
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related tags: 4F2E32 5F1E24 664F56 8D8882 92897D B8B7B6 B93F22 B9B7B5 acloudofincense ayoungmonkcarryinglitincenseoutoftheshrine blessing bodhisattvaday boudha buddhism buddhist buddhists empowerment enlightenment incense initiation kathmandu lamdre lit monk nepal out path practice religion religious result sakya shrine spiritual taking tharlammonasteryoftibetanbuddhism tibetan tibetanbuddhist tradition traditional wonderlane young 3573 605558 935648