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sorrel tree (frutex follis oblongs acuminatis) and acacia with rofe-colored flowers (pseudo-acacia bifpida floribus rofeis, candle-berry myrtle (myrtus brabantice fimilis carolinenfis) from the natural history of carolina, florida, and the bahama islands color palette

#56663C #B9B68A #F6EED4 #D4CFA4 #919A65
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related tags: 535B46 56663C 888D72 919A65 ADAC96 B9B68A C8C5B0 D4CFA4 EDE9DD F6EED4 acacia acuminatis andthebahamaislands bahama berry bifpida botanical botanics botany brabantice candle carolina carolinenfis catesby decoration drawing environment fimilis flora floribus florida flower follis frutex green handdrawn history illustration island leaf mark markcatesby myrtle myrtus name natural nature oblongs plant pseudo rofeis sketch sorrel spring thenaturalhistoryofcarolina tree tropical vintage withrofe